Season 2 Info: 

Season starts March 25, last day to sign up is the 24th.

Playoffs are April, 12, 13, 14th.

For detailed info watch this video: Click here to watch.

How the season works:

This a 3 on 3 league, all teams must create a crew within “Crew Mode.” Each console will have a cap of 100 teams, you create your own team, this is an open league for anyone to join, the entry fee is $10 per person. Each team will be required to play a minimum amount of games, number of games required will be based on number of teams. The regular season will be 3 weeks and then 1 week of playoffs.


How do we know when and who we play?:


Team captains will be added to a Discord Chat (Discord is a mobile app). Teams make their own schedule within the discord chat, you can play anyone at any time you please. If your team is ready to play we recommend going into the chat and saying “matchup”, another team will respond, you send a game invite and play. This is very simple, and does not have to be over complicated. Teams will then play teams 2 times, games must be streamed by at least one person per team and then screenshotted. We will have a separate discord chat specifically for screenshot submissions.


Outline of the season:


Once the regular season is over, teams that have completed the minimum requirement of games will be eligible for playoffs. Top teams will make the playoffs, number of playoff spots is based on number of teams that have signed up. Playoffs will be a best of 5 series and the finals will be a best of 7 series. Season 1 champions will receive $1000 +.