• 3-5 players per team (2 subs) , can change lineups at anytime.


  • All games must be played within Crew Mode (3v3)


  • 1 Stretch big per team, yes just one pure stretch. 2 power forwards is allowed. A power forward and center is Allowed.


  • Each team must have ONE point guard or shooting guard that is 6’8 and under. (Point Forward is only exception)


  • 2 centers is NOT allowed.


  • 3 guards is NOT allowed. (Pg-Sf)


  • Regular season games: Play teams twice. No more. NOT BEST OF 3, JUST 2 GAMES! 


  • ALL games must be streamed and screenshotted


  • No pushing. Teams get 1 warning, after is automatic loss.


  • No delaying or booting offline. Automatic disqualification


  • If lag out occurs record it. NPL will determine what happens.